How It Works

How It Works

No Credit Needed

Our program makes it easier for more customers to do business with you. Today more stores are turning away customers and losing sales due to credit or the customer’s inability to pay upfront. West Creek specializes in offering options to consumers no matter what their credit score is.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • How many times a week do you have customers leave after being turned down for financing?
  • How many customers each week could you keep from doing layaway if you could offer a NO CREDIT NEEDED program with a 90 day payment option?
  • Are you losing customers because your finance options are limited?
  • How often do customers pass by your store because they don’t think they can make a purchase or get a service performed because they don’t have the cash to pay for it?
  • How many more people would come in if you advertised a NO CREDIT NEEDED option?

West Creek Financial is your solution.

Benefits to Your Business

  • Additional financing options

  • Increased number of sales

  • Repeat customers

  • We approve over 80% of all applicants

  • Expanded customer base (35% of U.S. consumers are underserved due to credit)

  • Over 43% of those who currently leave stores without making a purchase do so because of credit

  • Even if a customer has good credit, the 90 day payment option gives your store options

  • Gain an edge over your competition