Partnering With Us

  1. How does the process work?

    Customers will fill out a short online application either at your store or from their mobile device. Once your customer is approved and we have the information from the invoice, customers sign the lease agreement electronically. The retailer provides West Creek with its confirmation of delivery. Upon receiving confirmation of delivery, we will fund your account within 72 business hours.

  2. How much can my customers be approved for through West Creek?

    Qualifying consumers may be approved for up to $65,000 in loan funding or $7,500 in lease-to-own funding. The amount of approval is dependent upon factors including income, banking history, length of employment, and verification of contact information.

  3. How soon will my account be funded?

    West Creek Financial will initiate funding your account within 72 hours after the customer receives the merchandise. Funding will be initiated on Mondays for all leases processed Saturday and Sunday. Our funding department is open Monday-Friday.

  4. Once I become a West Creek retail partner, how soon can I start financing customers?

    You can instantly start financing customers! To help you become more familiar with West Creek Financial, we offer free training sessions to help you better provide West Creek Financial to your customers. Once your store is approved you will also be given online login information for your retailer portal, which allows you to stay up to date on the status of your customers’ applications.

  5. What are my store’s obligations to the customer and West Creek?

    To the best of your ability, correctly explain our financing plan and verify that all signing documents are correct and accurately signed and dated by the customer. Verify the identity of customers by checking photo ID. Once all of the final documents are signed, all the items have been delivered, and your account is funded, your obligation is limited to the customer service you would provide for repairs/servicing to all customers.

  6. What types of merchandise does West Creek finance?

    We finance durable goods such as furniture, appliances, mattresses, tires, HVAC and more.

  7. How can I become a retail partner with West Creek?

    To apply with West Creek, call 844.238.6500 or click here to apply online.

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