Flexible Ways to Pay Over Time

Whether you have excellent credit or are just getting started, West Creek makes it easy to pay over time. Our simple, fast and transparent process gives you the right fit offer to make essential purchases more manageable.

How it works

Three easy steps is all it takes to get the things you need.

Apply in Minutes

Apply In Minutes

Fill out a fast application where we’ll ask you for some basic financial information.

Confirm Your Plan

Confirm Your Plan

If approved, you’ll be presented with either a loan or a lease that best matches your credit profile.

Pay Over Time

Pay Over Time

Set up a low recurring payment to pay for your items. Pay off early to save a significant amount on your loan or lease.


Good to excellent credit*

Pay over time with a low, recurring fixed payment, and own your items or fund your services immediately. Ask about our promotional financing to pay off early and save.

Loans Steps


No Credit Needed

Regular payments automatically deducted on payday. You will own your items when you make your last payment. Early purchase options available.

Loans Steps

Frequently asked questions

How do you decide to approve a customer?

West Creek has industry-leading approval rates. We understand that you are more than just your credit score. We look at your application and cross-check the information you provide us with data providers and credit bureaus to determine if you get approved and the approval amount.

How long does the approval process take?

Applications are considered right on the spot and approvals usually take less than 10 seconds.

How much can I be approved for through West Creek?

Qualifying customers may be approved for up to $10,000 in loan funding or $7,500 in lease-to-own funding. The amount of approval depends on factors including income, banking history, credit history, length of employment, and verification of contact information.

How do I make payments?

West Creek accepts several payment methods, including bank account transfers and debit cards.

If I don’t have a job, can I still apply?

Yes. West Creek encourages anyone to apply if you have an income from a reliable source such as retirement or pension.

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*Issued by The Bank of Missouri, Serviced by West Creek Financial.
We do perform a credit check on the customer as a part of our application process. “No Credit Needed” does not imply no credit check. The program described is a rent-to-own (or lease-to-own) transaction. You will not own the leased merchandise or acquire ownership rights unless you make all scheduled payments or prepay in accordance with the lease. Details may vary from state to state. Program features are for eligible customers only. Consult your lease for complete terms and conditions.